Our scope

Our scope of legal services

We advise companies and individuals who intend to settle in the Federal Republic of Germany. We advise our clients on matters related to setting up a business and getting settled in Germany, preparation of all necessary documents, representation vis-à-vis the relevant authorities etc.

The legal services of our office include resolving cross-border issues. Thanks to our cooperation with a great number of partners we can provide expert advice and representation in civil, administrative, tax and criminal law in other countries.

The law office is specialized in the Bulgarian legislation and its interaction with the German law. We provide advice and representation to individuals and legal entities in the Republic of Bulgaria, residing in Germany, particularly in the areas of employment law, commercial and company law, inheritance and family law, contractual law, the acquisition of citizenship, tax law, tenant relations, acquisition of ownership and more.

We have extensive experience in the field of criminal law and procedures. Based on this we provide consultation in connection with criminal proceedings in all courts.

The law office provides comprehensive consulting and preparation of documents. It also offers assistance to companies and individuals from the EU or other countries with matters relating to the acquisition of immovable property in Bulgaria.

Preparation of all documents and agreements can be done in Bulgarian and German.